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Kabarette Obscura!

We hold a mirror up to the world, then check our make-up in it...

Kabarette Obscura! London based Electro Cabaret
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"Rock and Roll is a prostitute, it should be tarted up, performed"

Genre-defying hot new London 3-piece, fusing Electro beats, orchestral arrangements and cabaret vocals to create an eclectic, haunting style all their own...

Imagine the Weimar Era never ended; imagine the artists of yesterday lived on to the present and embraced the modern electro-sleaze sound while keeping their wry tounge-in-cheek style and outlandish performances. Imagine the bastard offspring of a Diva-like vocalist, Rasputina and Aphex Twin.

Imagine Ute Lemper singing over dirty electro beats combined with a blend of traditional and experimental accompaniment...

Imagine Kabarette Obscura!

They are decadent, degenerate, young and beautiful.

In a world that values Style over Substance, we could go far...

Kabarette Obscura are:

Sammm (Vocals and Performance)

Zeibura (Synths/Samples/Drum Programming)

and Divine (Guitar, Bass and Vocals).

We will play live when we feel we are ready. We seek not only to play our music but to really put on a show! Too many artists view a gig as just an extended jam session and you might as well put their CD on in front of some cardboard cut-outs.

We intend no one who sees our shows should forget us.

We will strut, we will preen, we will perform, we will camp-it-up. We are both the artist and the subject - larger than life, yet contained within life.

We will hold a mirror up to the world, then check our make-up in it...